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11 April 2022
knife scales and blocks

Knife Scales and Blocks in Beautiful African Hardwoods

What to consider when choosing wood for knife making and a range of recommended African hardwoods, available in pre-cut knife scales and blocks.
14 February 2022
African blackwood

African Blackwood Alternatives: An Update (and Some Successes)

Insights into the history, challenges and regulations surrounding the supply of African blackwood for instruments – and sustainable African blackwood alternatives.
12 January 2022
elegant wood

African Leadwood for Flutes: Why We’ve Named it the “Elegant Wood”

African leadwood, or “elegant wood”, is ideal tonewood for flutes and other musical instruments.
25 November 2021
mopane clarinets

Buffet Crampon’s Introduction of Mopane Clarinets: Reactions and Demos

ProSono has been following reactions to Buffet Crampon’s 2021 introduction of mopane clarinets.
23 November 2021
mopane for clarinets

Mopane for Clarinets: A Breakthrough for Instrument Makers

Wider adoption of mopane for clarinets is a breakthrough for instrument makers (and musicians).
8 October 2021
ProSono’s approach to sustainable hardwood supply

ProSono’s Story: Our Approach to Sustainable Hardwood Supply

An introduction to ProSono and our approach to the sustainable harvesting and supply of African hardwoods.