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Exceptional Pink Ivory Tools Made by One of Our Customers

Exceptional Pink Ivory hardwood Tools Made by One of Our Customers

It’s not every day that you encounter true craftsmanship. That’s why it’s a real pleasure to see the exceptional tools that our long-time customer, H.N.T. Gordon & Co., uses our pink ivory hardwood to make.

Exceptional Pink Ivory Tools Made by One of Our Customers

Based in Australia, H.N.T. Gordon specialises in crafting high-quality woodworking hand planes and vices. The tools are made from a wide range of beautiful hardwoods.

Here we offer a look at a selection of the tools made using pink ivory.

A moving fillister plane in pink ivory

A fillister plane is used to form and trim rebates (also called rabbets), working either with or against the grain. The one below features pink ivory hardwood with very close grain and naturally dark pink colouring.

Beyond looking impressive, these tools are expertly built and receive rave reviews from woodworkers.

Excerpts of two Instagram reviews of the fillister, from experienced woodworkers:

In all its stunning Pink Ivory glory. Superbly designed and exquisitely made, these tools are highly functional…

– Damion F.

Man that thing is beautiful, would buy one just to look at it.”

– Darren O.

We also recommend having a look at H.N.T. Gordon’s video, showing final assembly (by hand, of course) of a pink ivory fillister.

A custom pink ivory tooling set

The tooling set shown includes a palm smoother, curved sole spokeshave and 3/4” and 1 1/4” shoulders – all featuring pink ivory hardwood.

Pink ivory hardwood for tools

Pink ivory hardwood is a Southern African hardwood that is prized for its exceptional pink to red colouring. It is very hard and heavy, with a density of 1.1 t/m3 after proper air drying.

This makes it suitable for a range of uses, from inlay work on fine furniture or pool cues through to durable, high-quality tools.

At ProSono, we are a leading supplier of red and pink ivory hardwood to customers around the world. We offer pink ivory for turning, for fine furniture and other woodworking projects and for musical instruments. Please contact us if we can assist with your hardwood needs.

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