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Camel Thorn

This recently introduced species has been well accepted by our German, English and American distributors. It is popular with knife makers in South Africa. Further applications shall take advantage of the beautiful reddish to purple colour of the wood and its ease of turning.

Botanical name Acacia erioloba
Family Pod-bearing (Fabaceae)
Local name Kameeldoring
English name Camel Thorn
Distribution Great range, from Angola and Zambia in the North to the Northern Cape in the South.
The tree Semi-deciduous tree from a small shrub to a 20 meter tall tree.  It grows in dry woodland to arid and stony or sandy soils.  The bark is grey pale and deeply furrowed. Impressive and dangerous thorns. It is a protected species in South Africa.
The wood The wood is hard and heavy. The colour is dark reddish to purple. Sapwood from pale yellow to pinkish. The density is 1.15 t/ m3 when air-dried
Seasoning The wood dries fairly quickly when cut in small enough sections.
Workability The wood is hard to saw. It is fairly stable. It turns well. It offers an attractive colour and shiny finish.
Use It offers valuable shade to livestock. It has been overharvested as quality firewood. It is too heavy for furniture. It has been extensively used for small ornamental objects, like knife handles, small dishes, kitchen utensils, tools. In the past used for fence posts, mining props and machine bearings.