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Joiners, carvers and furniture makers

Our exotic hardwoods are of high density. They are extracted from relatively small and irregularly shaped logs. They are therefore of limited interest for the ordinary furniture makers looking for wide and long planks as a standard item for their work!

Our applications are:

Project lumber:

This commonly known application of our North American and Japanese distributors satisfies the demand from artisans and hobbyists looking for the very best quality wood of smaller dimensions:

  • Widths of 60, 80, 100, 120mm,
  • Thicknesses of 28, 38, 51 and 75 mm
  • Lengths from 400, 600, 800, 1.200 and 1.400 mm

This bulky core wood is exported in large crates made to dimensions to reduce transport cost. The pink ivory, wild olive and mopane species are the most popular ones for this application.


This application is popular with furniture makers who have selected either the African Blackwood or the Pink ivory for enriching their furniture with an underlying unique colouring.

For Carvers:

Carvers represent a special challenge. They look for a variety and unique pieces often for their characters and possible defects and indeed at the lowest price. Our best adapted offer is found in combo packs that are actually rejected parts of eight species packed together in cardboard boxes of 10 and 20 kilos and crated in 100, 200 or 500 kilo consignments!

Lovers of hardwood floor:

We make solid wood floor of the very same exotic wood species. The tiles are made of eight mm thick fillets, perfectly planed and carefully assembled by hand. A removable sheet of 3M paper, pasted on top, makes lay-out easy and quick. For further information: see home makers.