Acoustic Guitar Wood Suppliers

We supply a selection of top quality back and sides in four species, African Blackwood and Pink ivory primarily for the professional Luthiers who resell their guitars to the musicians or the wealthy collectors, Black chacate and Mopane are thrifty quality solutions, easier to work, they are destined to the experienced and less experienced hobby guitar makers.

It is a well-known, but often not respected fact, that the first condition for making a quality acoustic guitar is perfectly dry wood!

Our strategy is to keep quality slabs drying on a permanent basis. Before slicing all wood species are kept in slab form for a minimum of 18 months! Unless this resting time is respected the side and the back cannot be sawn properly and the sliced parts shall warp!

In most instances, this enables us to carry out orders in a matter of weeks. We keep a waiting list of up to six months and meet the demand on a first come first served basis.

Prospecting customers receive by E-mail photographs of the entire sets, two matching backs and two matching sides. Some of our competitors only show one of the sides! The sides are by far the most difficult parts to get clean and without defect. Interestingly enough we have had numerous inquiries for sides only


The African Blackwood is described as the very best for guitar building, equivalent to the very best of the best Brazilian wood, which are more and more scarcely available!

Comments: Marc Maingard

The Pink ivory guitar back and sides offer unique characteristics best described as:

  • Unique striking and most beautiful.
  • A rare inherent sweet voice.
  • An incredibly fine touch.

The Mopane guitar offers perfect sound characteristics, namely:

  • Warmer, richer and rounder tone
  • Exceptional balance between treble and bass
  • Prolonged sustain

The Black chacate guitar

  • A tone that remind artisans to the mahogany for a few and to the kilted maple for another of our customer.
  • Further comments from customers are awaited with interest

Our experience over the past 15 years has been that leading guitar brands don’t want to use these wood species because they take too long to dry and consequently lock-up large working capital! They prefer lighter wood that dry quickly and can be mass produced and sold quickly!

The so-called leading brands don’t appreciate the fact that their suppliers don’t process their raw material properly! They buy substandard material which they themselves don’t want to dry!

For the knowledgeable artisans willing to take the time, Pink ivory, African Blackwood, Mopane and Black chacate are the wood species they can trust provided they are supplied after proper resting and drying!

Guitar back and sides sizes :

Models Backs Minimum dimensions in mm Sides
Minimum dimensions
in mm
Jumbo (two-pieces back): 2 x 580x210x4 2 x 830x130x4
Jumbo (three-pieces back): 2 X 580x150x4 +
1 X 580x115x4
2 X 830x130x4
Classic (two-piece back): 2 x 550x190x4 2 x 780x110x4
Classic (three-pieces back): 2 X 550x140x4 +
1 X 550x100x4
2 X 780x110x4
Modern: 4 x 550x95x4 2 x 780x110x4

Ukulele sizes :

Lute Sets of ABW / Pink ivory
and Mopane (photos)
12 x 700 x 60 x 4
Ukulele Sets of Pink ivory / Mopane and ABW:

2 X 115x310x4 + 2 X 70x410x4
2 X 115x345x4 + 2 X 80x460x4
2 X 140x385x4 + 2 X 90x560x5


For retail orders, worldwide: we have had only positive experience with insured parcels sent by air, through the International Postal Service (EMS), which delivers the parcels to our customers nearest post-offices. This applies to orders of four sets maximum. Larger orders are sent by air freight which is cheaper, though our customer must or let collect their crate at the nearest International airport.

The UPS courier service is used for countries where the insured parcel service is not available.

We supply: fingerboards, head plates, bindings, bridges, necks and neck blocs.

Fingerboards, head plates, bindings, bridges, necks and heel blocks The sizes in mm are an indication.
When possible, we will consider the requirements for clients.
Fingerboards  550x75x9
Head plates 200x100x3
Bindings 830x40x3
Bridges 170x40x12
Necks 700x70x35
Heel Blocks 130x130x75

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