We take pleasure in submitting quotations to the members of the musical industry, artisans, importers and distributors as well as private individuals.

Interior decorators and hardwood floor installers: Please specify your interest in terms of wood species (ebony, ebony with sapwood, mopane or red ivory); estimated surface of interest in square metres or square feet; and location.

Private individuals and artisans: retail orders are sent by registered mail the world over, either surface mail or EMS air mail depending on urgency and cost. Our professionally wrapped parcels are delivered to your nearest post office which is a cost-efficient solution. In rare cases, we use UPS ® courier. In South Africa, our parcels are entrusted to The Courier Guys ®

Importers and distributors: for ten years and more we have been co-operating closely with the same five national distributors located in the USA, UK, Germany, Japan and Spain. Provided your country offers sufficient potential we are open to the possibility of appointing further distributors especially for turners’ wood sawn to measure.

Members of the musical industry: we deal directly with instrument makers big and small and over the years have obtained more than 100 customers from clarinet and oboe makers, to artisans, makers of Highland bagpipes, gaitas, flutes and historic instruments not to forget the luthiers, who craft acoustic guitars by hand.

Intended for turners, we have worked-out a self-pricing worksheet that calculate the cost of the order, get the exact volume and price break-down, by species and dimensions.

The forwarding cost shall be indicated separately. Sea and air freight to you nearest international harbour or international airport is calculated based on the volume/weight of the consignment. 

We shall select the most economical mode of transport. Retail orders are subjected to a minimum purchase that depends on the complexity of the order and the administrative work required by the destination.

We answer all inquiries. Your comments on the following points make our response quicker and enable us to indicate the forwarding cost.

  1. Your physical address,
  2. Your telephone number, essential for all registered and insured dispatches,
  3. Your web site, if any,
  4. The botanical name of the species or the most common name.
  5. The use of the parts either for musical instruments or for turnery purpose or for another purpose
  6. The dimensions or number of parts, either squares or bowl blanks or still pen blanks or inlays.

We remind those interested in musical grade parts, that they get better conditions when ordering sets, respectively for those ordering turnery parts that they get better conditions when ordering combinations of small, medium and large parts.