As we do endeavour to answer questions related to our fields of activity and expertise, may we ask you to address them accordingly to?

Wood technologist and saw mill manager: Cell number: + 27(0)82.325.84.25.

  • African timbers: their characteristics and suitability for your application, intended project, etc.
  • Knife handles, their selection and availability,
  • Attendance to trade and guild shows in South Africa,
  • Caracal knifes, design and availability.

Business manager and owner: Office number: +27(0)11.516.02.52.

  • Harwood selection and applications in the musical industry.
  • Product availability and lead times.
  • Quotations for the musical industry, artisans and private individuals.
  • International trade, permit, CITES and export regulations.
  • Hardwood floor.