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Caracal Knife Handles

For the past few years our company representatives have taken part to local trade fairs and guild shows in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

Demand for knife handles from professional and hobby knife makers has motivated us to extend our range of hardwoods, especially for scales and blocks for knife making.

Individual taste being the determinant factor trade fairs is our main promotion vehicle.

Word of mouth increased our customer base. Many knife makers are regular visitors to our saw mill where they are welcome to select knife handles that fit their tastes and technical requirements.

Exports have been achieved to customers in Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

We are seeking distributors for our knife handles in countries where hunting, carving and the everyday carry of knifes is popular. We are thinking of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe among others.

  • Snakebean / Red Ivory / Leadwood / Knobthorn / African Blackwood
  • Chacate Preto / Rhodesian Teak / Afr. Padauk / Mopane / Tamboti
  • African Rosewood / Black Wenge / Purple Heart / Zebrano
knife handle scales
knife handle block
  • Mulberry / Red Ivory / Leadwood / Knobthorn / African Blackwood
  • Chacate Preto / Wild Olive / Camelthorn / Mopane / Tamboti
  • Matumi / Black Wenge / Purple Heart / Zebrano