Knife makers

We encourage the South African knife makers to visit our saw mill, located at 270 Summit Road, Blue Hills, Midrand, Gauteng to select their knife blanks indeed the selection of knife handle material for sport knifes, bowie’s, collector knives are a personal matter!

Our saw mill stock of dried wood is sorted by species and sizes to facilitate their selection.

Our growing business with foreign buyers is a reflection of the attractiveness of our wood species and of the talent of our saw mill manager at selecting handles with unique characters.

We encourage our foreign buyers to stipulate their requirements:

  • Uniformly coloured wood or shaded wood,
  • Wood with strong marked grain or wood with as little visible grain as possible,
  • Knotted grain, kilted grain or wood free of these,
  • Other requirements …….

Our saw mill manager selects personally the individual items to be as close to our customer’s wishes as possible. In this context, we encourage our foreign buyer to initially select a wide variety of species.

Our quasi permanent dry stock of knife handles focuses on eight species and four dimensions namely

Available in:

  1. African Blackwood / Dalbergia melanoxylon
  2. African Olive or wild olive / Olea Europea, sub-specie Africana
  3. Black chacate or Small bastard mopane / Guibourtia conjugata
  4. Camel Thorn / Acacia erioloba,
  5. Leadwood / Combretum imberbe
  6. Mopane / Colophospermum mopane,
  7. Red or pink ivory / Berchimia zeyheri,
  8. Tambotie or African cocobolo / Spirostachys Africana.

Our permanent dry stock of knife handles focuses on eight species and four dimensions namely:

Squares individually
Imperial sizes
in mm in dm3
2″ x 1″ x 6″ 51 x 28 x 155 0.221
2″ x 1″ x 5″ 51 x 28 x 130 0.186
1.5″x 1 “x 5” 38 x 28 x 130 0.138
1.5″ x 1″ x 4″ 38 x 28 x 105 0.112