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Snake bean

It has been recently introduced with our English and German distributors. The high density hardwood offers a unique colour and grain.

Botanical name Bobgunnia madagascariensis
Family Fabaceae (Caesalpinioideaea)
Local name Ndale
English name Snake bean
Distribution Common in Zimbabwe in the South and Zambia in North
The tree Medium to large tree. Commonly found trees reach 3-4 meters, reaching 15 meters under favourable conditions. Found in low and medium altitudes.
The wood Red orange colour with marked darkish wavy grain. Yellow well demarcated sapwood. Heavy but not oily, density of 1.0 t/m3 when air dried.
Seasoning It dries well when stacked properly.
Workability It is hard and heavy. It is difficult to saw. It is more stable when quarter sawn. It turns well and polishes well.
Use This wood has numerous applications from furniture to joinery, jewellery boxes, toys, carvings and even musical instruments for its decorative value.