Matumi - Prosono international


We recently introduced this wood species in our product range. It is popular in South Africa for knife makers and bowls.

Botanical name Breonadia Salicina
Family Gardenia family (Rubiaceae)
Local name Mingerhout
English name Matumi
Distribution From Eastern Mpumalanga, the Kruger Park to Southern Mozambique
The tree Large evergreen tree up to 40 meters in height. Bark rather rough with longitudinal ridges, brown-greyish colour.
The wood Oily wood, sapwood and heartwood of the same yellowish colour with darkish marking from brown top grey. When air dried the wood has a density of 1.000 t/ m3.
Seasoning The oily content prevents it from cracking. It dries fairly quickly when stacked properly.
Workability It fairly easy to saw and work with machine and hand-tools.
Use It has been extensively used for railway slippers and for making dugout canoes in Mozambique. It is used for gunsmith tables, benches and trays.