Do you want to market our unique blanks to turners, for knife makers, joiners, and instrument makers?

We are looking for a wholesaler, distributor, or even a small business with interactive websites in Canada.

We have regular requests from Canada and Australia, for which would be better served by distributors. Our long-standing partners in the United States, England, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany are enjoying success.

If you would like to explore this opportunity, please comment on the following topics, and provide us with any information you feel is relevant:

  • Current activity:
  • Address and phone number, if available, for WhatsApp or SKYPE.
  • Your favourite product from our applications.
  • The commercial strategy envisaged.
  • Your current promotion and advertising, trade show attendance, etc.

Do you want to become our supplier of African tropical hardwoods?

If you want to investigate this opportunity, please comment
on the following topics and any information you feel is relevant:

  • Present activity:
  • Species you intend to supply, common name and if you know botanical name:
  • Location of the wood: communal land or private land
  • Existing concession or annual cutting permit
  • Existing infrastructure you can provide, if any.

    work with Prosono hardwoods