Leading suppliers of processed African hardwood

Started in 1994 and located in the Gauteng province of South Africa, ProSono sources, processes and exports high-quality African hardwoods sawn to dimension for a variety of applications.

Our highly qualified team includes experts in forestry, wood processing and ecosystem protection, and we partner with major African hardwood distributors around the world.

We have extensive experience in freight of our CITES-compliant hardwood products to international destinations and can assist in obtaining the relevant import permits.

“What I received from ProSono was the best wood I ever saw. All the pieces were indeed musical quality. I have never had a 100% yield before.”

~ Ron Peeler, Peeler Fifes

Hardwood applications

ProSono hardwoods are expertly processed and sawn to dimension for use in a variety of applications.

Please note that African hardwoods are not suitable for making furniture, doors and window frames. This wood is also unsuitable for structural and industrial applications.

To find out more about how we can supply you with the finest quality woods for use in your projects, contact ProSono now.

Hardwood species offered by Prosono

Our hardwoods are selected from among the hardest, densest, least porous wood species in the world. These woods offer unparalleled strength, beauty and durability.

ProSono fully adheres to the principles of CITES on the protection of endangered species and does not export logs or unprocessed timbers outside of Southern Africa.

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